Coaching gets the best out of your employees!

Research has shown that when managers coach their employees, they get the best out of them.  What is it that coaching offers that other management strategies do not?

  1. Coaching demonstrates that managers listen to and value their employees’ perspectives, which builds trust and loyalty.
  2. Coaching demonstrates that managers have confidence in their employees’ ability to work through challenges themselves.
  3. Coaching builds employees’ capacity to make their own decisions and when they do so they have greater ownership and commitment to their actions.
  4. Coaching helps employees develop and grow their skills and confidence.

Not only does coaching result in skilled, confident and loyal employees, this has a flow on positive impact on customers and the business as a whole.

While effective coaching may take some initial investment (in training managers to coach) and some ongoing investment (in the time taken to coach employees), the benefits of this investment are worthwhile and lasting.