About Samantha

Dr Samantha Hardy is a leader in the field of conflict resolution. She has been described as both a practical thinker and a thinking practitioner.
 Sam has advanced postgraduate qualifications including a PhD in 
conflict resolution as well as many years of international experience as 
a conflict resolution practitioner. In addition to offering conflict coaching
 and mediation services, Sam is also a well-known trainer,
 university educator and writer in the field of conflict resolution.

Sam is an Accredited Mediator under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System and a Certified Transformative Mediator by the US Institute of Conflict Transformation.  She is an experienced conflict coach and the founder of the REAL Conflict Coaching System.  Sam also holds appointments at a number of universities in Australia, South East Asia and the United States.  Sam has published widely in conflict resolution, including her books Dispute Resolution in Australia, 3rd Ed. (2014) co-authored with David Spencer, Mediation for Lawyers (2010) co-authored with Olivia Rundle, and Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law: Social and legal issues facing individuals, couples and families (2016) co-authored with Olivia Rundle and Damien Riggs.  Sam has a particular interest in narrative and storytelling in conflict management and resolution.


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Prof. Sam Hardy (black top)
With Brett Greenland and Claire Holland

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