Nadja Alexander

Samantha Hardy

Nadja Alexander

Selected Books

International and Comparative Mediation: Legal Perspectives, Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2009. Winner of International CPR Outstanding Book Award 2010-2011 (International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution)

Mediation: Skills and Techniques, 2nd edition, Lexis Nexis, Sydney 2011 (with Laurence Boulle)

Hong Kong Mediation: Process and Practice, Lexis Nexis, Hong Kong, 2010 (with Michelle LeBaron and Sou Chiam)

Negotiation: Strategy Style Skills, Lexis Nexis, Sydney 2010 (with Jill Howieson)

Global Trends in Mediation: Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2006. Finalist for the International CPR Outstanding Book Award 2007-2008

Selected book chapters and journal articles

‘Beyond mediation: how conflict coaching might help your practice’, Kluwer Mediation Blog, 10 November 2012

‘Dancing to the Rhythm of the Role-play: Applying dance intelligence to conflict resolution’  33 (2012) 31 Hamline J. Pub. L. & Pol’y (with Michelle Le Baron)

‘Confrontation or conciliation: does science have the answer?’ Keynote article, (2012) Dental Protection, Annual Review (International)

‘10 Global Trends in Mediation’ in Mediation und Konfliktmanagement Praxishandbook, Baden-Baden, Nomos Verlag, 2012

‘Reflecting on Negotiation Strategy: Introducing the Negotiation Navigation Map’ 12(1) (2010) ADR Bulletin (with Jill Howieson)

‘Exporting Mediation through Role Plays: Intercultural Considerations in Knowledge Transfer’ in D Busch, C-H Mayer and CM Boness (eds), International and Regional Perspectives on Cross-cultural Mediation, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Publishing 2009 at 151–168 (with Michelle Le Baron)

‘The Mediation Meta-Model: Understanding Practice,’ 26 (1) (2008) Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 97-123

‘When your multi-cultural dinner party conversation becomes an international mediation’ 6 (8) ADR Bulletin 2004

Christine Mattl interviews Nadja ALEXANDER in ‘Portrait’, 2 (2004) Perspektive Mediation 95

‘The Chameleon Mediator’ 6 (9) (2004) ADR Bulletin 165

Samantha Hardy

Selected Books

Mediation for Lawyers, CCH, 2010. (with Olivia Rundle)

Dispute Resolution in Australia, 2nd Ed. Thomson Reuters, 2009. (with David Spencer)

Selected book chapters and journal articles

Encyclopaedia of Peace Psychology, entries on “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Mediation”, 2011.

‘Artful ADR Training’ ACResolution (2010) Spring/Fall: 7-10. (with Cathryn Lloyd)

‘Teaching Mediation as Reflective Practice’. (2009) Negotiation Journal 385- 400.

‘Mediation and Genre’. (2008) Negotiation Journal 24(3): 247-268.

‘Deal or No Deal: Teaching On-Line Negotiation to Law Students’. (2008) 8(1) QUT Law and Justice Journal 93-117, (with David Spencer)

‘The Text of Muteness in Personal Injury Litigation’. (2007) Law, Text Culture, 11:317-334.

‘Mediating Personal Injury: Melodrama and Tragedy’. (2006) ADR Bulletin 9(1), September 2006, 1-4.

‘Injury as Melodrama’, Chapter 7 in Andrew T Kenyon and Peter D Rush (eds), An Aesthetics of Law and Culture: Texts, Images, Screens. Elsevier: New York, 2004.


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