A 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study indicates that the coaching is a growing profession with an estimated 47,500 professional coaches generating close to $2 billion (USD) in annual revenue/income. View the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Guide here.

We offer training for:

  • -   people who wish to become accredited as REAL Conflict Coaches
  • -   people who wish to become professional accredited mediators in Australia, Hong Kong and internationally
  • -   workplaces that want to improve their skills in relation to conflict
  • -   individuals who want to improve their capacity to manage their own conflict.

We offer advanced conflict coaching and mediation courses for:

  • - experienced mediators or coaches who wish to develop advanced conflict management and
    resolution skills
  • - conflict resolution professionals who wish to add mediation or conflict coaching to their range of services
  • - other coaches, e.g. business coaches, life coaches, and personal coaches who would like to extend their competency in working with clients in conflict.

CCI offers the following mediation training:

  • - Professional Mediator Training
  • - Mediation Refresher Course: Preparation for Assessment
  • - Mediation Advocacy
  • - Intercultural Mediation

Our training is based on advanced adult learning skills and our commitment to participant-centered learning. We create authentic (REAL) learning experiences so that our participants can put what they are learning into practice immediately and begin the path of life-long learning themselves.

Courses are provided in-house on request. Tailored courses can also be developed to suit your particular needs.




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