Conflict Coaching International offers mediation and facilitation services that can be tailored to suit your particular needs. We have accreditation as facilitative and transformative mediators, and can design a mediation or facilitated conversation process to best manage your conflict situation.

At CCI, our professionally accredited mediators are available to conduct mediation processes to help you and others work through difficult situations and make informed decisions about your future.

Whether you are involved in a litigious dispute, an uncomfortable workplace conflict or a difficult conversation, mediation may be of value. Mediation offers an inclusive and confidential forum for bringing people in challenging situations together to work towards a sustainable outcome.



Mediation is a flexible process. So the first thing a CCI mediator will do is meet with everyone involved –individuals and organisations– to confirm how best to tailor mediation in the circumstances.

Typical features of mediation are:

•  a collaborative space
•  a private and confidential space
•  a forum for your voice to be heard
•  a CCI mediator facilitates the conversations and negotiations
•  you and the other participants make the decisions
•  choice – it’s your choice to reach a joint decision with the others or not.

CCI mediators will:

•  lead participants through a structured mediation process
•  listen to participants’ priorities, needs and interests
•  help participants to identify issues they need to discuss to work through their challenges
•  support the exploration and sharing of different perspectives
•  encourage participants to generate options
•  support participants work towards a sustainable outcome that meets their needs.



The International Mediation Institute (The Hague) offers international mediator certification to suitably qualified and experienced mediators.

CCI is proud to have been awarded the status of IMI Qualifying Assessment Programme. This means that CCI is approved to accept and process applications from mediators to become IMI certified.

More information about CCI’s Qualifying Assessment Programme for IMI Certification is coming soon.

CCI offers a pathway to accreditation for Hong Kong mediators through its HKMAAL approved training courses (Stage 1). HKMAAL  is the Hong Kong Accreditation Association Ltd. HKMAAL is the industry body responsible for approving mediator training courses and accrediting mediators in Hong Kong. If you want to obtain accreditation certification recognised in Hong Kong, contact us HERE.

CCI offers a pathway to mediator accreditation under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System. Interested in Australian accreditation? If you want to obtain accreditation certification recognised throughout Australia, contact us HERE.

For more general information about any of our mediation, coaching and facilitation services please email us HERE.