Conflict can occur in any number of situations including within our private sphere of family and friends as well as professional contexts and the workplace. In relation to workplace conflict, a global survey has established that the ‘majority of employees (85%) have to deal with conflict to some degree and 29% do so “always” or “frequently” [...] Half of the HR workers questioned (51%) spend between one and five hours a week managing disagreements and employees spend on average 2.1 hours a week dealing with conflict, with many respondents indicating they spend significantly more time on conflict situations.’

43% of the 200 CEOs, board directors, and senior executives of North American public and private companies polled in the 2013 Executive Coaching Survey (conducted by the Center for Leadership Development and Research at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, and The Miles Group) rated how to handle conflict as their highest area of need in coaching.

Yet despite the significant time investment we make in disagreements and disputes, many of us are ill-equipped to engage with conflict constructively and confidently. This is where conflict coaches can help.

Conflict coaching is a service provided by a conflict specialist to a person who is, or may in the future be, involved in conflict. The conflict coach’s role is to assist the client to develop the 5 Cs:






Gain clarity about the conflict situation.

Understand their own, and the other person’s, needs and goals.

Identify and evaluate their choices for moving forward.

Develop confidence about managing conflict and achieving their goals.

Increase their conflict management skills so that they can constructively

engage in the conflict.




REAL Conflict Coaches use a System that is multi-disciplinary in nature and draws on the fields of conflict resolution, neuroscience, communication psychology, linguistics and solution-focused therapy.

The REAL Conflict Coaching System offers a structure and methodology that coaches draw upon in all types of conflict situations where coaching is applied.

It is based on a set of REAL values:

REAL Conflict Coaching encourages and assists people to develop the capacity to engage in reflective practice in their future conflict interactions, for the purpose of reflective learning and the development of artistry.

REAL Conflict Coaching supports people to constructively engage with, rather than avoid, conflict. REAL Conflict Coaches assist people to find the right level of depth at which to engage, and to sustain that engagement in the long term if necessary.

REAL Conflict Coaching builds peoples’ capacities to engage in future conflict at the level of artistry. It encourages and supports individuals to go beyond the merely satisfactory, and to achieve excellence.

REAL Conflict Coaching is grounded strongly in principles of adult learning. It supports people to engage in lifelong reflective learning.


Free initial consultation
In your free initial consultation we talk with you for about 45-60 minutes about the various REAL Conflict Coaching options available, and help you decide whether conflict coaching is suitable for your needs.

Coaching sessions
If REAL Conflict Coaching is suitable for you, you can then choose to purchase a single session of coaching (for a fairly quick and simple issue) or a multiple session pack. We usually recommend 4-6 sessions over a period of 2-3 months.

Coaching for your staff
If you are an employer looking for coaching for your staff, please contact us so that we can design an appropriate service schedule and cost structure to meet your needs.

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