Conflict Management and Mediation in the Workplace

In July 2014, Professor Nadja Alexander ran 2 day workshops in Hong Kong and Singapore using CCI’s REAL conflict coaching model.

“I learnt a good deal of strategies in conflict management”.
(Genevieve Yee, Jerudong Medicial Centre Brunei)

“Nadja was so good”.
(Esther Cabiago, Philippines Postal Corporation)

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REAL Conflict Coaching in Townsville

Sam Hardy recently presented the REAL Conflict Coaching Fundamentals workshop to a group of enthusiastic participants in Townsville 0n 12-15 June.

Real Conflict Coaching Webinar

Thursday, 26 June 2014, 7pm central /8pm Eastern (Chicago USA)
Friday, 27 June 2014, 10:00am EST Australia

In this webinar we will explore the REAL System of Conflict Coaching. REAL is based on a set of four values: Reflection, Engagement, Artistry and Lifelong Learning.

The REAL System is premised on the idea that:

- Clients present their story using a particular conflict narrative where they portray themselves as innocent victims, and

- Clients can be coached to become the active hero in their story by developing the 5Cs:  Clarity, Comprehension, Choices, Competence and Confidence.

The webinar will use a real life scenario to demonstrate the principles of the REAL System.

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How To Unravel A Western Conflict Narrative – With Dr Samantha Hardy

Every mediation starts with each side telling a story about what happened, why and who’s at fault. There a typically patterns and themes to these stories and they often follow a melodramatic western conflict narrative. This interview will help you understand more about these archetypal stories, the characters involved and how you can intervene both as mediator and coach to help broaden the thinking of the party and encourage a shift in perspective.

Asia Pacific Mediation Forum

Dr Sam Hardy is presenting on the melodrama of conflict and using the REAL Conflict Coaching system to help people in conflict move from passive victim to active hero in their conflict story at the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum ( in Manila on 9 December 2013.  The aim of the Summit is to bring together and engage experienced conflict resolution and mediation practitioners, researchers, educators, trainers, civil society workers/practitioners, human rights activists, jurists, businessmen, and policy makers from different cultural, organizational and professional backgrounds. These people are culturally fluent, creative and innovative, and want to contribute and build on their own knowledge and expertise, and are prepared to play a leadership role in transforming the way that conflicts are handled in the Asia-Pacific region.

International Coaching Federation Teleseminar

In November Sam presented to the ICF Conflict Management Coaching Community of Practice.  Her talk was about the melodrama of conflict and using the REAL Conflict Coaching system to help a client move from passive victim to active hero in their conflict story.  Participants’ comments included “a very interesting perspective for me to ponder”, “a wonderful presentation by Samantha Hardy”, “I have a brand new lens to apply to my coaching”, “I learned so much as to how to help our client move forward from the drama”.  You can hear and download a recording of Sam’s talk at:

REAL Conflict Coaching Hobart

In November Sam braved the chilly Tasmanian weather to present a four-day REAL Conflict Coaching Fundamentals workshop at the University of Tasmania.  Participants included family dispute resolution practitioners, mediators, law students and youth workers.

REAL Conflict Competency for Student Advocates

In November Sam conducted a 4-day conflict competency workshop for staff at the RMIT student union.  It was a jam-packed four days covering topics including Knowing yourself as an advocate, Understanding conflict, Negotiation and Communication Skills and Beyond Advocacy.

REAL Conflict Coaching Sydney

In September Nadja and Sam conducted a 4-day REAL Conflict Coaching Fundamentals workshop in Sydney, at Sancta Sophia College in the University of Sydney.  The workshop was attended by experienced mediators, coaches, social workers, counsellors and university directors.  Participants enjoyed the beautiful venue, engaging discussion and adapting their skills to a conflict coaching context.  Special thanks to Christine for bringing along extra cakes and pastries on the last day to add to the catering provided!

Participants at the Sydney workshop